Understanding Wardrobe Dimensions

Considering revamping your space with a new custom wardrobe? We can help you with a wardrobe design ideas that offer functionality, organisation, and style.

At Almara Cabinets, our wardrobes are 100% custom designed and manufactured specifically for you. This means that we can make your wardrobe work regardless of the size of the space available. As part of our process, an Almara representative takes exact measurements to ensure everything comes out just right.

As every home is somewhat unique, the spaces within each home are all slightly different. On top of architecture differences, slight changes in the shape and angle of walls occur over time. Even brand new homes rarely have perfectly flush walls. This is why a custom designed and made solution is the only way to achieve a true built-in look.
That being said, it is still helpful to understand what wardrobe dimensions are “standard”. This guide will walk you through how to think about sizing your wardrobe so you can make informed decisions.

Standard Wardrobe Sizes

Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wardrobe dimensions, doors sizes can provide a solid starting point for your wardrobe design.
In Australia, widths for hinged wardrobe doors typically range from 400mm to 700mm (in 100mm increments). Therefore, for a hinged door wardrobes:

  • A single door is usually 400mm to 700mm
  • Two doors is 800mm to 1,400mm
  • Three doors is 1,200mm to 2,100mm
  • Four doors is 1,600mm to 2,800mm

Widths for sliding wardrobes doors are typically wider than for hinged doors and usually range from 450mm to 1,200mm. Therefore, for sliding door wardrobes:

  • Two doors is 900mm to 2,400mm
  • Three doors is 1,350mm to 3,600mm
  • Four doors is 1,800mm to 4,800mm

Walk in robe dimensions and layouts afford more flexibility. Doors are not essential for a walk-in robe so the width of shelving and hanging sections are up to personal preference. Walk in robes can allow for many interesting design elements. Your can create an island walk in closet, custom shoe rack displays, or install multiple mirrors for a dressing room feel.
Almara Cabinets can take your walk in robe measurements to design the perfect space for you. We have worked with thousands of customers across Melbourne.

Height Considerations

The height of a wardrobe can significantly impact its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Items such as bulkheads, decorative moldings, and air conditioning units can impact the height available to install a wardrobe. A fully custom cabinet maker, like Almara Cabinets, can work around these items to make the most of your space. Custom solutions provide an appealing design, easy access, and additional space for shoe shelves, hanging rods, and general storage.

Most cabinet makers do not provide custom door heights. This means you have limited options if your space is less than 2,300mm in height. With a non-custom option, the space between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling goes unused.

While a custom cabinet maker can provide hinged doors of any height, standard measurements are typically 2,150mm, 2,450mm, or 2,750mm. For sliding doors, the measurements are around 15mm larger as they need to incorporate space for the sliding track that the doors move along.

Depth Matters

Wardrobe depth plays a pivotal role in determining storage capacity and the overall appearance within your space. The most standard wardrobe depth in Australia is 600mm. This allows plenty of room for jackets and other wider clothing items to hang without interfering with the doors.

Reducing the depth of the wardrobe gives back some space to the room but at 500mm or less, clothes will often hang touching the doors. Shallow wardrobes impinge sliding doors as clothing sticks out and can make it difficult to for hinged doors to stay flush when closed.

Wardrobes that are more than 600mm deep offer increased storage space and a luxurious feel but encroach more into the room. As walk in wardrobes often do not have doors, shelving can be shallower than built in robes with hinged or sliding doors.

A custom solution allows the depth of the wardrobe to perfectly match the cavity or floor space available. Non-custom wardrobes rarely perfectly match the space available, harming the aesthetics and functionality.

Factors Influencing Wardrobe Dimensions

Key factors influencing the choice of wardrobe dimensions are:

  • Room size and layout. Consider the available space and room layout to ensure the wardrobe integrates seamlessly without overpowering the room.
  • Functionality. Assess your storage needs and preferred organizational layout.
  • Sliding or hinged doors. Choose between space-saving sliding doors or traditional hinged doors based on room layout and personal taste.

When designing a wardrobes with you, your Almara Cabinets representative will also consider various interior design elements. The laminate or timber finish, material thickness, and handles all impact how the large a wardrobe feels in the room.

Tips for Wardrobe Selection

Here are some tips to guide you through selecting the right wardrobe dimensions:

  • Measure twice, purchase once. Accurate measurements of the space where the wardrobe will reside are crucial to avoid size-related mishaps.
  • Prioritize functionality. Choose dimensions that cater to your storage requirements while maintaining ease of access and organization.
  • Harmonize with room aesthetics. Ensure the chosen dimensions complement the room’s design, contributing to its overall appeal.

Our experienced professionals have worked with thousands of homeowners. We take care of all measurements and work closely with you to design a functional and beautiful wardrobe.


Navigating built-in and walk in wardrobe dimensions involves a delicate balance between space, functionality, and style. Standard sizes provide a baseline but a custom solution enables you to make the most of your space and enhance your home. When determining dimensions, consider room layout, storage requirements, and desired look and feel of your space.

At Almara Cabinets, we understand the importance and impact of a well-crafted, perfectly sized wardrobe. Our expert craftsmen specialise in creating bespoke wardrobes tailored to Melbourne homeowners’ unique preferences.

Contact us today to embark on your journey towards a beautifully customised wardrobe!

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