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About our Living Room Cabinetry

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    Much like our renowned bespoke wardrobes, we take pride in crafting fully personalised living room cabinetry solutions that are designed to cater to your unique needs. Our wall units, bookshelves and fitted furniture pieces are all meticulously created in our own Melbourne factory using only the finest materials and components. Of course, in true Almara style, everything is completely custom designed and made to meet your requirements

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    Sliding Wardrobes Melbourne

    By putting the needs and requirements of our customers and clients first the team at Almara Cabinets can deliver bespoke wardrobes to Melbourne homes. Committed to supplying homeowners with a wide range of expressive, beautiful, and functional solutions our skilled team specialise in designing, building, and installing sliding wardrobes in Melbourne properties and beyond. From panelling and screens, through to mirrored surfaces, our sliding wardrobe and cupboard doors help Melbourne locals turn their bland rooms and spaces into inviting and spacious environments.


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    With our personalised and award-winning approach our skilled and dedicated team can fit out your installation to suit your desires and your requirements.