Designing Your Home Office

With the rise of remote work, the home office has become an essential space for many Australians. You may be running a business from home, splitting time between home and the office, or just need space to manage household admin. In any case, a well-designed home office will boost productivity and comfort.

Work from home trends mean a dedicated room for a home office is becoming more common. Still, you can achieve a lot of functionality and storage without a lot of space. A thoughtfully crafted study nook can be a highly productive space.

Particularly in Melbourne, where home space can be at a premium, maximizing storage while maintaining aesthetic appeal is key. Our home office ideas apply to spaces of all sizes.

At Almara Cabinets, we have been designing and installing home offices in Melbourne for over 30 years. Here are our thoughts on how to achieve a functional yet stylish solution:

1. Customised Cabinetry

Every home is somewhat unique and so are the spaces within each home. Embrace this uniqueness by opting for custom-built cabinetry. Beautiful built-in shelving, solid timber desktops, and integrated storage sized to perfectly fit your technology. Custom solutions allow you to make your home office special.

Designing your home office starts with understanding the dimension of the unique space that you have available. This means understanding locations of items like power outlets, bulkheads, and decorative moldings. An experienced cabinet maker considers all dimensions to create a solution that maximises the functionality of your space.

On top of architecture differences, slight changes in the shape and angle of walls occur over time. Even brand new homes rarely have perfectly flush walls. A custom designed and made solution is the only way to achieve a high quality built-in look.

2. Use Vertical Space

Efficient use of vertical space is a great way to increase home office storage, particularly in a small space. Mounted cupboards, shelving, pegboards, and hanging organizers free up floor area and grant easy access to frequently used items.

Corners are no issue when using customised cabinets. Cabinet makers are adept at snugly fitting office cupboards into corners, transforming awkward spaces into functional storage.

3. Visual Harmony Through Concealment

A clutter-free space is conducive to productivity. Use hinged or sliding cabinet doors, include a pull out drawer for your printer, and add a discreet cable organiser under your desk. Concealed storage contributes to visual cohesion plus easy access to essentials.

Small home offices or study areas can also use foldable desks or ottomans with hidden storage. These items maintain functionality while preserving room aesthetics when not in use.

4. Personalization

While you should conceal the contents of your filing cabinets, your space should include interesting visual elements. Open shelves allows you to showcase artwork, books, family pictures, and introduce indoor plants. These add vibrant colours to invigorate your workspace.

Our designers work to include elements that reflect your personality. We harmonise functionality with personal expression.

5. Technology Integration

These days no home office comes without a slew of technology that needs a place. Bespoke cabinetry allows you to conceal cables and outlets, ensuring a clutter-free space. Custom designed pull out drawers for your printer or PC takes bulky technology off the desk. If you spend many hours in your home office, think about having charging stations and speakers as part of your home office set up.

6. Comfort

For most people, comfort means having a high quality office chair. Also worth considering are all the other factors in your home office design that influence your comfort. Optimal desk height, shelving units with sitting reach, easy sliding drawers, and doors should all factor into your home office layout.

Adjustable chairs and standing desks promote good posture and reduce strain. When working with you on your home office design, we ensure your setup maximizes comfort without losing on style.

7. Light and Air

Make the most of Melbourne’s (transient) sunshine by using natural lighting. Position your desk to maximise natural light which enhances both mood and productivity. Avoid screens directly facing the sun to minimise screen glare. Choose window treatments that balance work area privacy with ample natural light and airflow.

Multiple sources of light can create the right mood for productive work throughout the day. Start by considering the angle of sunlight and overhead room lights. Then factor in the position of a desk lamp and any LED lighting built into the cabinetry. The right task lighting can all the difference.


Home office design involves a balance of function, comfort, and style. You need to consider many factors, but the benefits of a well-designed study office are worth it. We spend more and more of our time working from home so it is important to make it a place where you feel productive.

The first step to a home office you love is to work with an experienced cabinet maker. At Almara Cabinets, we understand the importance and impact of a well-crafted home office. Our expert designers and craftsmen have created bespoke home offices for Melbourne homeowners for 30 years.

Contact us today to embark on your journey towards a beautiful home office!

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